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Ruian GlitePrinting Machinery Factory is a long history of flexible packaging equipment specializing in the production of plants, over the years as customers have been applied to solve practical experience in production and the introduction of high-tech, to learn at home and abroad so the essence of similar products to further improve the mechanical design, machinery and more user-friendly and professional, while the accuracy of product registration, printing speed, energy saving and environmental protection, stability, reliability, appearance, both a qualitativ

Color Press


YAG 800/1200W ELECTR

YAG 800/1100 GRAVURE


YAS 600/1200D GRAVUR

YAS600/1200N NON-WOV

CJYJ 220/1200B HOLOL

YRN 800/1600 NON-WOV

YRT 600/1000 FLEXIBL